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Born to Be A Star: Shazia Deen


If being single wasn’t hard enough, we have to be placed on the same earth as women like Shazia Deen, intelligent, beautiful, funny, and career driven! All joking aside, this remarkable young lady has Hollywood films, television, and commercials to her credit and is quickly making a name for herself in the desi and mainstream markets. Sapna recently had the pleasure of interviewing this upcoming actress on her amazing life.

When did you know that you wanted to go into the entertainment business?

SHAZIA: I have been involved in the performing arts since I was a child. I knew at an early age I had a passion for it, I was just contacted by an old friend I had not spoken to since I was thirteen who said to me,”You always used to talk about running off and becoming a Model or Actress….and look…You Did it!!” I officially did it after high school if we are putting a time line on it.

SAPNA: What were/are three of your biggest obstacles to success?

SHAZIA: Staying confident no matter what anyone says or how many jobs you get close to having and lose in the end. Having months where it was slow in the business…knowing I had to stick it out because it was what I loved. Knowing I am a woman in Hollywood and susceptible to advances with big hopes attached to them… I credit my upbringing and never fell into that trap. I was always
working for jobs I felt right about, that I got on my own right.

SAPNA: What is your advice for young girls trying to make it into the business? What knowledge do they need to come in with?

SHAZIA:Stay strong and confident, that will show in all your auditions. Also, remember to be cool and sweet , they want to work with people who are fun to have on a set.

What would you consider was your first big break?

SHAZIA:This is a funny question…I suppose a lead girl in a Backstreet boys Music Video

Of all the Hollywood types that you have worked with, who did you enjoy working with the most, and why?

My favorite are the people in the Comedy world. There is just so much fun on the set and a lot of improvisation which makes for great moments that could never be planned. This would be with people like Andy dick, Rob Schneider and the director Betty Thomas.

SAPNA: You were recently featured in the Marc Anthony song ‘Ahora Quién.’ What was it like working with Marc Anthony?

SHAZIA: He is absolutely charming… I see why Jennifer is married to him…. Very, very funny…full of jokes and super sweet to all on the set even those just picking up trash, he talks to.

SAPNA: What modeling/acting projects do you have on your plate coming up?

SHAZIA: I have a short “Mush” in a bunch of Film festivals. Also just finished another called”Final Farewell” I did a fox pilot they are hoping to bring in late called “Adventures of Big Handsome Guy”
Right now you can see me On Coors light Billboards across the country and in all the Super cuts in the US for print ads. Shot an herbal Essence commercial two weeks ago, a Nokia Commercial and print campaign, and a Payless shoes commercial last week. Also, will be in the print and commercial for Ameristar Casino’s.

The career you have built for yourself is amazing, but let’s get to know the woman behind the dream.

What part of South Asia are your parents from? What does your South Asian heritage mean to you?

SHAZIA:My mother is Born and raised in new Delhi, India andmy father is Punjabi.

My South Asian heritage defines who I am, what I like and sets up a standard of what I want for my future.

SAPNA: What are your passions/projects/hobbies outside of entertainment?

I study Ayurvedic medicine. This study had changed my life. I am healthy, active and a nature lover. I do yoga, go hiking, surfing (love surfing) , biking and do Archery..

I think all the gentleman are dying to know! Do you have a significant other? Yes or no, what do you look for in a significant other?

Wow, getting deep here huh?? I do no have a significant other right now… I look for a
intelligent, funny, open, spiritually aware man who can honestly say “it’s a toss up between Camping and staying at the Four Seasons resort.. Love them both”


SAPNA: We heard you were voted “class clown” in high school? What were the high school years like for you? What advice can you give our younger readers that are still coping with it?

High School for me was a great time. I had good friend, great teachers and fond memories.. I knew which peers would get me into trouble. I made smart decisions in bad situations, always listening to my gut. Most of all, I was cool with all the crowds and for me making people laugh was a priority, because I could make fun of myself people knew I was confident and never messed with me… What was hard about high school, was my strict parents and I learned to just make them feel like they knew what was up in my life at all times, this way they trusted me.

SAPNA: What’s in your make up bag?

mascara(Christian Dior), bronzer(Nars) and lip balm

SAPNA: Here at Sapna, we are a big supporter of following your dream. What is your ultimate dream? In 5 years? In 10 years? In 25 years?

SHAZIA: In five Years to be on a sitcom and or in a huge comedy feature… in ten years to be a wife and mother and in 25 years to be a healer and teacher of life’s wisdoms.

SAPNA: Thank you Shazia! For more info about Shazia, visit


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