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Aishwarya loses her clothes, poses in Elle

The Times of India recently reported that even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan can have a bad day at the airport. Just a few days ago, the international star arrived at Chennai airport to find that her baggage from New Delhi had never made it on board the aircraft.

Aishwarya Rai Bachan poses for Elle India wearing Ayesha Depala.

We can only imagine the shades of red that were displayed behind the airline counter! To make matters worse, Aishwarya was only in Chennai for a few hours to appear at a promotional event… And her evening wear had been packed safely in her luggage!

This left her in Chennai with the clothes on her back, which happened to be a track suit. Uh-oh.

Reports claim that Aishwarya showed no trace of diva-ism, remaining calm and offering to show up at the event in the clothes she was wearing. However, it seems that being a global sensation has its perks: When the airline loses your luggage, your manager organizes a mad dash to find you a new wardrobe.

Elle India's current cover: Aishwarya poses in Rohit Bal Couture.

Aishwarya ended up donning a designer dress despite the airline’s flub. Her bags from New Delhi finally arrived at 6:30pm, but it was a moot point by that time… Her return flight to Mumbai was scheduled for 8 o’clock.

On another note, Aishwarya recently posed for Elle India to commemorate the magazine’s 14th anniversary. (You may remember she also posed for Vogue India’s 1st anniversary issue; not surprising that she’s a coveted milestone marker.) Aiwshwarya wore Rohit Bal Couture for the cover of Elle India and a black Ayesha Depala gown on the pages inside. We love that they have appropriately dubbed her “The Enchantress.”

Baggage Issues for Ash! (The Times of India)
Elle India

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