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Relationships, that big report, friends, hitting the gym, and those new shoes you’ve had your eyes on…life is a constant juggling act. But who does it better than the South Asian American woman? We’ve got it together. Our dynamic world is held together by family, community, and our dedication to culture. In this hectic world, we center ourselves in our roots. On the go, center yourself with some SAPNA.

Since debuting online in 2004, SAPNA Magazine’s mission has been to be a platform for the South Asian American woman’s cultural identity: a place where South Asians can discuss their issues, relate to their interests, and find avenues to achieve their dreams.

Founded by four South Asian women, SAPNA is committed to helping South Asian women live their best lives: by supporting a platform for community building, being a trusted girlfriend in self-improvement advise, and empowering women to achieve their personal dreams and grow their social consciousnesses.

Reach for your SAPNA.

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