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7 Tips to Energize Your Hair in 7 Days

It’s your crowning glory. When it looks off, you look off. Once you’ve finished fretting over it, your mum starts. Come on, there’s a million Bollywood songs devoted to teri zulfein. Your hair. But you have to admit, after the beating the summer sun did, you could use some much needed tips to bring some sparkle back into that crowning glory of yours.

7 tips to bring bounce and shine back to your beautiful hair in one week

Take your vitamins!

It’s important to take your vitamins no matter how tedious and redundant, but there is a point. All that that vitamin and protein the normal diet lacks causing hair to thin, so starting this healthy habit will only ensure healthy, shiny, bouncy, cover girl hair.

Make sure to take Vitamins B-complex, B-6, C, E, and Beta Carotene.

Or you could try to stock pile on leafy greens, fish, egg, beans, and yogurt into your daily diet. But even the most health conscious girl might find it hard to fit that into any schedule.


Feed your hair-literally!

To soothe hair scorched by the sun, heated straightners, and curlers, it’s vital to deep your condition your hair, turning to Mother Nature who knows best.

For the girl on go, take a page from your childhood and massage Coconut oil into hair, and let it saturate for 20 minutes, then shampoo out. For even more shine, leave in over night. Your mum will be proud. Oil your hair once a week and in a month’s time, your hair will be more shiny and manageable.

For a quick luster boost, mix egg whites with half a lemon, applying into hair but don’t rub in or worry about the scalp. Take a deep breath, and work your patience to let it sit for 30 minutes. Make sure to thoroughly (thoroughly!) wash the mixture out of your hair. The last thing you need is to smell like a rotten egg, literally, in front of your crush or worse, rival.


Hair Color

Just as seasons change, as does your skin color. Your summer tan has faded a bit, and the colors of fall are now in style. So it’s time to choose a hair color that not only compliments your eye color but your skin tone. Remember to keep in mind, what looks good on your best friend might not work on you. If you choose to go lighter then usual, make the investment of enlisting a hair stylist, that way if anything goes wrong, you have some else to blame. Once you find that right color, make sure to protect it. Use shampoos and conditioners that help enhance your color along with shielding it from harmful UV rays, smog, and other harmful elements.

For natural hair color with added conditioner, mix water, lemon, egg yolks into henna enough to cover your hair. Add enough water for preferred solubility and work into hair. Keep in for more then 15 minutes to however long.

For Normal to Oily hair, mix in every two weeks.

For Dry hair, mix in milk (it’ll keep from drying your hair) with an added yolk and apply once a month.


Maintaining the crown.

100 brushstrokes? Try that on your sweater, that spot doesn’t look so good after stroke 34. Now imagine doing that every day to your hair. 100 strokes or not, brushing your hair too much can lead it to fall out and thin out even more. The point being is be gentle to your hair. There’s no need to tease and pull your hair up, down, wherever unnecessarily if you’re going to work, gym, or bumming around. Your hair is dead protein, and is the softest part of your body. It has no plan to renew itself. Rather massage the scalp with your fingers then trying to stimulate hair growth with your brush.

To keep from spilt ends, get a trim every 2-3 weeks. The maintenance will help keep the hair healthy.

Never never never comb or brush your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is more susceptible to breaking and causing cuticle because it’s so easy to stretch.


Do the washing machine!

Try to keep away from shampoo that contains alcohol or alkaline, this only dries out the hair regardless what hair type you are, by stripping the protein your hair needs to protect itself naturally.

Make sure you choose the right conditioner for your hair type, what might work for dry hair may be too rich for normal and oily hair.

Don’t forget to condition after shampooing and vice versa. Shampoo’s job is to strip the hair of everything you’ve put into it: styling products, dirt, pollutants, etc while conditioner puts back the moisture. One without the other will only damage your hair.

Don’t be fooled by what the salons tell you, regular store sold shampoos and conditioners are not water downed. It’s the salon versions that are, so save a few bucks while saving your hair.



Who doesn’t love to accessorize? Why should your hair be an exception? There’s a wide selection of headbands, clips, and pins to fix up your hair. Just experiment for a look that’s you.

Hairstyles come and go, what is in now may be out next year. Just look at the mullet, at one point it was the choice haircut de jour. Look at different magazines but keep in mind what works for Jennifer Lopez, may not work for you.


Just chill!

Take time to take a deep breath and meditate. Unnecessary stress can cause to hair to thin, fall out, and look dull. Practicing meditation and other relaxing techniques don’t just help calm the mind but your hair too. Stressing out can even fade your color and brittle your hair too. So take time to relax and don’t forget to get at least 8 hours of sleep.