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6 Common Facebook Behaviors of Unfaithful Men

We surveyed our SAPNA readers to report the most devious tactics men use to be unfaithful on Facebook.

1. The All Telling Inbox

Ofcourse as a trusting partner, you would not look at your significant other’s inbox. But if one glance shows a variety of new female friends. That is suspicious behavior. Even if he likes to have a big network and make new connections, there are better and more respectful ways to expand your network than sending creepy facebook messages to unknown women.

I’m a bit intimidated by how many women message you on Facebook. I typically don’t respond to guys on Facebook. Can we keep out networking outside of Facebook? I trust you, but I don’t want them to get the wrong idea about what we have.  (smile)

2. Poke-r Face

Who was the guy at Facebook who came up with the poke? It continues to be the strangest form of communication at our finger tips (pun intended). There are better ways to relay a hello to people already in our circle, and poking someone you don’t know is just a sheepish alternative to an actual introduction. If your man participates in the poke, then a long list of female names should be something of concern.

I don’t want to make any assumptions, so I am going to ask up front. Why do you poke so many women on Facebook? Just curious. (smile)

3. Growing Friend List

Some Zynga games often introduce participants to random people on Facebook. So being a gamer often means an ever increasing friend list. But if the new friends all fall under the same demographic: single, good looking, girls. Then the pattern speaks for itself.

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a catch up with what you’ve been up to. Are you going to introduce me to your new pals on Facebook? (smile)

4. Password Protection

If you’ve ever walked into the room and suddenly your significant other logs out when you enter the room, that is not a good sign.  Another telling sign is if you used to know his password and now its changed. It doesn’t take a genius to realize he doesn’t want you to see what’s going on in his virtual life.

Babe, I totally trust you. But your recent behavior is making me uncomfortable. If we have nothing to hide from each other, what’s your logic in logging off Facebook when I enter the room? and changing your password?

5. Photo Opportunities

Some men have real privacy concerns, and some use privacy concerns an an excuse to why he doesn’t want to share his relationship on Facebook. If he removes everything you write or tag on his wall, he is definitely trying to keep something private. Maybe its general privacy concerns, maybe its hiding a relationship from his parents, or hiding a relationship from other potential relationships. It’s hard to tell what the true intention is.

I know you are concerned with your privacy, so I won’t pressure you to put any couple pics of us on Facebook. But, it would make me happy if you did. (smile)

6. Fake Accounts

There are so many horror stories of men who create secret Facebook accounts and use them for  years without getting caught. Some of these men are even married. This is the most dangerous behavior of the 6, and should be addressed right away.

It’s ok to have a fake account, but what are you using it for? It makes me uncomfortable and I would like to have access to it.

Attempting to use one of these prescribed responses will either result in mature conversation or wild fighting. Typically the keepers (and non-cheaters) who have nothing to hide choose the mature conversation.


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