Letter From The Director: Fabulosity

If you didn’t know, SAPNA Magazine is my labor of love. SAPNA is an independent publication that sustains through the extracurricular efforts of writers, editors, and photographers who contribute on a volunteer basis. When not SAPNA-ing, I am the Director of Social Media at JustFab is built on a membership model (think “Fruit of the Month Club” for fashion). You get charged $39.95 every month to be a VIP member, but you can use that money toward any purchase within the JustFab members-only shopping experience. The membership model allows JustFab to sell retail $80 heels at $39.95. Yes, I’d like one in green, purple, and yellow!

Kimora prepping for photo shoot | Photo Credit: JustFab

This January, was introduced to the world, or rather StyleNetwork’s viewership, on the show “Kimora: House of Fab”. Kimora Lee Simmons is the celebrity face of the brand. I joined JustFab late into filming, but I did have fun making a few cameos, including my three second cameo on the second episode.

One question that might be on your mind: What is Kimora Lee Simmons really like? Kimora is loud. Kimora is beautiful. Kimora has made a career for herself as a brand building ninja. She knows what she likes and how to sell a lifestyle. One thing I’ve learned from her is the importance of living your brand. She believes in the glam lifestyle so passionately, that she even convinced me to experiment with clothing I might not typically wear. Now I can cross wearing cheetah pants off my bucket list.

Experimenting with cheetah print at JustFab office | Photo Credit: JustFab

With that in mind, I revisited the question that guides this publication, “What does the SAPNA woman believe?” We believe that you should:

Treat Yourself Well. Care for your skin, love your hair, decorate yourself in clothing and make up that make you feel beautiful. Your body is an amazing instrument; use it to its full potential.

Reflect Often. Don’t ignore the bigger questions in life, love, and relationships. Whether it’s brunch with the girls, sneaking away with your journal, or talking to a confidant, find a way process your experiences. Never stop learning and growing.

Break The Mold. Your parents don’t always know best. Chase your dreams, love freely, and live a life free of regret.

Remember Your Roots. Thousands of miles away from our ancestors, we are balancing two cultures. Our story is not complete, unless we are grounded in our history and inspired by our present.

Lastly, the SAPNA woman believes that sometimes it’s OK to step outside of your comfort zone. Example: wearing cheetah print jeans on national television. What doesn’t kill you, will someday give you a good laugh.